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Magic of Tarot

Unlock the hidden keys, learn to read the symbols and the energies they hold.

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September 25th-October 30 2019 Six week evening program

Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Location: Mystic Mojo 108 Queenston Rd. Hamilton

Investment: $35 per week —pay in advance $190
Tarot cards are available for use and can be purchased from store
Snacks, Tea & Coffee will be provided

or choose the Intensive Weekend Workshop

November 2nd and 3rd

Time: 10am-4pm Location: Mystic Mojo 108 Queenston Rd. Hamilton

Investment: $150
Tarot cards are available for use and can be purchased from store
Snacks, Tea & Coffee are provided. Locations for lunch available nearby

Tarot is an incredibly powerful tool that gives you insight and perspectives about yourself and your life at a whole new level. 

It tells you a story from an archetypal perspective about your thoughts, feelings, dreams, and desires. 

It is not just a divination system, it is a Book of Great Wisdom. Unlock the hidden keys, learn to read the symbols and the energies they hold.

It helps you master your inner world which in turn directly influences & changes your outer worlds. 

The Tarot helps you navigate your journey with clarity beyond this 3rd dimensional world. It helps you become aware of the archetypes or symbol patterns embedded in your subconscious and collective unconscious - those patterns that keep you stuck in ways that are not aligned with your truth. 

Whatever walk of life you come from, it gives you an opportunity to step out of your surface-type thinking and tap into the wisdom of  your true essence —the part of you that is a part of the greater whole: the Universe itself/Life Itself — from Ancient times to today... AND beyond.

In this Introductory course you will begin to unlock the secrets of the Tarot and begin to see how much support is available for you from other realms. Not only will we look at the Tarot, but we will also take a brief look at how the tarot is connected to Numerology, Astrology, and the Wheels of your own Life. 

Keep updated for Advanced Tarot coming in Winter of 2020!




Spells, Lessons and Tools for the New or Experienced Witch

Many of us hear all kinds of things around spells. In the media and pretty well everywhere around us we are bombarded with messages that witches do evil things with spells....We sit around a cauldron using eye of newt and toe of frog.....chanting “Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble”. Well, it hasn't always been that way....and its time we bring back the TRUE essence of Spellcasting.

Spells can be a very powerful way to connect deeply with the cycles of the moon, with the turning of the Wheel, with your Guides and allies, the herbs, plants and stones....AND so much more...

We read lots about their properties and their symbolism - especially from an emotional and physical viewpoint...but what about accessing the magical gifts they have to offer in a tangible way? What about working intimately with subtle energies, with the natural virtues of plants and stones, with Spirits, -- with many different forms of non-ordinary reality?

Doing Spellwork is not a something that should be taken lightly. Knowing the ethics of Spellcasting, being clear of intentions, knowing your correspondences of your tools and being in sacred space are all essential for a powerful and effective Spell.

“Looking for Spells when you haven’t studied Witchcraft is like looking for sheet music when you haven’t learned how to play the instrument” (Mackenzie Sage Wright)

We are going to explore and play and experience what our ancestors did. We are going to bring back the old magical practices AND develop new ways of doing Spellwork....AND we are going to empower our lives and our selves - in fun magical ways.

Think of it as "pagan prescriptions" for the modern day - to banish stress, ease tension and add joy and magic to your life - every day!!

In these Spellcasting Workshops you will:

Receive a new Spell (written out for you) each month that is pertinent to that time on the Wheel.

Learn the how’s and why’s of the Spell, why you are using the tools you are.

Learn the ethics of Spellcasting.

Know the energies of the tools and the correspondences of each of your magical tools.

Know how to create Sacred Space - within yourself and your environment….

All to enhance the energy of your Spell.

Walk away with the tools you need to do your own personal and private spell at home. Consecrated, charged magical tools, incantations, meditations and visualizations - all practiced, explored and understood in depth….AND of course the workings of the Spell itself. Then go home and have an AMAZING magical experience!!

AND……If you wish to experience GROUP Ritual then come on out to our New Moon Ceremonies every month!


January 30 - Invoking Brighid the Maiden of Spring


Intro To Magic:

A Doorway To Infinite Possibilities

Do you have a desire deep in your core to practice Magic and apply it to your every day life?

How about this feeling that there is a part of you that is so connected to the ancient ways of working with the Elements that it draws you in over and over throughout your life?

Do you feel like a part of you has this uncanny knowing about magic, like you have lived it before but you have no idea how to bring it in to this reality?

I am offering this Introduction to give you an opportunity to get a little bit of a feel about reconnecting with Magick....An opportunity to see past the intellectual programming and conditioning from your past and allow yourself to get back in touch with that part of yourself that believes in magic, that believes in other worlds, that speaks to those on the other side.....

There are MANY layers to move through in order to tap into a life that involves Magic....especially considering our society's non-existent relationship with magic. I've "been told" pretty clearly to begin sharing the magic I have learned and reconnected with, by assisting people with finding what is already in them and reconnecting them to the magic that has always been there....ITS JUST SITTING THERE WAITING FOR YOU TO

I know for myself I had A LOT of layers and healing to do before I could finally embrace that magic, to fully embrace who I TRULY am and use magic in my every day. It is now just a part of who I am.

This could be a start to help you get some clarity if this is a path you truly feel called to wander down.... it is definitely a wild one...AND a disciplined one!

It will give you a clear sense if you wish to take it further and attend the BEYOND THE VEIL….

If you DO decide you wish to open the Doorway and receive further teachings - whether to assist you in learning the world of the Priestess, the Shaman or the Witch....or to simply return to the everyday world of magic that so many of us have forgotten - then definitely sign up for the BEYOND THE VEIL classes starting in September.

I can guarantee you EVERYTHING in your life changes! 

In this FULL DAY workshop we will practice and explore: 

* Our personal journey with our relationship to magic
* Engaging Younger Self (it is that part of us that enters the wild
forests of the underworld that has the access to magic) 
* Creating Sacred Space
* Purification (different forms of purification)
* Grounding & Anchoring
* Essential Tools for Practicing Magic
* Casting Circles (in ceremony and around your personal space)
* Tending & Moving Energy
* Introduction to the Elements & Magical Correspondences
* Introduction to Aspecting
* Trance Work
* Protection Magic
* Raising a Cone of Power
* Building an Altar & Keys of Remembrance
* Using Divination…….and more will magically reveal itself as the day unfolds.

Dates offered in 2019 are: April 7, May 26, June 9

Time: 10 am - 4 pm Location: Mystic Mojo 108 Queenston Rd. Hamilton

Pre-Register and Pay $60. At the Door: $70.00 Snacks & Tea and other Supplies will be provided

If you have any questions about this workshop please feel free to message me .....