Sage RavenStar has embraced her life’s passion to enhance spiritual consciousness and expand inner peace and connectedness within her community.

Here is where they share their voices and their experiences working with Sage.

I have been working with Sage on an individual level and in her Beyond the Veil class for almost a year now. I have found it infinitely helpful on multiple levels. I have been able to access new spiritual insights and have grown in many ways. My life has actually changed completely. Her focus on helping me to find the power within me and empowering myself has helped me to change my relationship with love, work and myself and I have made huge positive changes in all those areas. I have found the courage to actually dream about and go after what I want in life. Sage’s wisdom and guidance have helped me to connect so much more to my emotional and spiritual self and to the spiritual world around me. Her Beyond the Veil class has taught me practical magic skills and also opened my eyes to seeing all the magic in the world and how it is all around us. She is always compassionate, kind and helpful and I always feel supported. Thank you so much Sage!


"Beyond the Veil opened a portal to one of the deepest, yet most fulfilling, journeys of self-discovery and the esoteric that I have ever experienced. Sage weaves a pathway through which every element, every deity and every season is directly linked to the individual journey of each person in the group. This dynamic serves to strengthen the work and ground ones experience in a contained and safe community space. My practice has dramatically intensified through this experience and I highly recommend this for anyone coming in as an independent practitioner. "

T. F.


Sages' vast amount of life experience and wisdom enables her to effectively work with many different walks of life. She gauges the course to who she is working with and works with you where you are, to help you break through barriers and to allow you to experience their own energies. As your guide and teacher in her course it is laid out in such a way that allows everyone wanting to learn more and yearning for more to connection/knowledge of the wheel, element's and energies as the course is called Beyond the Veil. The course works through and made me become aware of what intrinsically guides me within by gaining back my inner strength and power and allowing me to be in my body, mind, and soul self. Connecting and digging deeper in past and present conscious and unconscious experiences as well as mediation and trances and writing experiences and well as hands on learning. Through Sage's course of working through the wheel and seasons as well as helping me become more in tune with my intuition and senses. I am truly honored to have studied with Sage and met all the beautiful souls that have journeyed within me within the Beyond The Veil course! Are you wanting to take the leap ?


I have had the privilege and honour of working alongside as a student and co-facilitator with Sage. Her methods, teachings, ceremonies and cleanses have supported and encouraged me to dive deeper into my own practices. Sage has created a whimsical, magical, loving, musical, earthly and ancient environment, to name a few, that has ignited my spirit. Through her gatherings I have learned to sit within my own mess and respectfully allow others, I have learned to set scared space for myself so that I may build on that I wish to focus and I have learned to call upon dormant energies within myself that I was afraid to face because I didn’t feel strong enough. I have learned to ask questions, respect the ancient teachings and to be comfortable as a student as I continue growing and evolving within my spirituality. Sage’s methods have a STRONG connection in my life. Each one has shook me and allowed me to step into myself in ways I wouldn’t have done without her counsel. I trust and believe in her with all my heart. And in all my prior practices her teachings and guidance are the one’s that have given me the MOST growth not just spirituality, but in all areas of my life. I’m so grateful to have found Sage and continue to go within, creating new opportunity, release, explore and spiral where my inner becomes outer. Thank you my friend, teacher, mentor and healer. You are a guiding light and a source a strength I am blessed to have. Blessed Be.