Unlocking what is already inside...

"Freedom comes with great commitment. Wanting it is not enough. Wearing it is not enough. Talking about it is not enough. We have to be able to witness ourselves with exacting honesty and all-encompassing compassion. We have to be tender, but not fragile."

Chani Nichols

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Intuitive Guidance & Mentoring

Sage will help you on your to journey of self-actualization by narrowing in on your calling while clearing all distractions and oppressive self-doubt away. You will shed away the dead skin to become more conscious of your connection and responsibility to yourself and the world.

Only certain aspects or levels of yourself can be reached (emotional & intellectual) in working with psychotherapists but in choosing to work with Sage, her clients not only receive the skills of today’s psychotherapist but also the wisdom of our ancestors; modalities that have been used for centuries as a means to heal the spiritual and energetic bodies.

She integrates into her sessions her experience and education in Social Work, her study with Shamanic Teachers, Native Elders, Priestesses within the Goddess Tradition, and her personal study of Taoism.

Quite often in a session a client will not be able to intellectualize or feel what is going on at a conscious level. Sages reaches into further realms, opening up many other doorways for healing and evolutionary growth.

True freedom comes from utmost honesty with oneself. It comes once we go deep within ourselves, deep into the shadows; when we release the old conditioning, the outlived beliefs, patterns that cover our true essence. It is then we begin to merge with our Higher Self. The Self that is connected to ALL things. Ultimate freedom then emerges even more so when  we merge the lessons we have learned with the teachings of the ancient ones; our guides, our allies, the earth and of course, Source Herself.

Sage has harvested a deep well of knowledge from her own walk. She has walked her walk... in this world, the worlds above, below and within, and She is now able to effectively thrive as a WiseWomyn & Priestess. She is able to use this insight to carve a pathway for others to revisit and heal the past and deepen the presence of the Divine Feminine within.

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Shamanic Healing

Often throughout the healing session, Sage receives guidance from Spirit about which modalities are to be used, and she weaves whatever is called for in that moment which may include channeling, spirit retrieval, past life reading, journeys. With the help of Spirit, our guides, plant and animal allies, sound, stones and other earth medicines, we journey within and remember our True essence— one step forward at a time.

We are being called back to the age-old and time-proven native “medicine” ways in order to heal ourselves and our planet. She beckons us to Her so that we may once again walk in balance and reverence upon Her sacred ground.

Integrating Shamanic healing into the sessions clears out old residual energies and imprints while also retrieving lost or disconnected parts of oneself. This opens up space for the wisdom of Life Herself to move through and provide what is needed to return to this place of Oneness.

Shamanism is a millennial tradition of healing, power and wisdom that sees all of life as interconnected and sacred. Material and spiritual worlds interpenetrate one another, and the shaman’s path lies in attaining a life of harmony with both.  

Healing, in a native sense, means making a person whole by restoring the health of the body, mind, spirit and community. Tribal shamanic societies believe that we are part of the universe and must be in balance with all of Mother Earth and Father Sky in gratitude to Great Spirit. 


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Tarot Readings

In my experience of reading the cards over the past 20 years, I have found that the cards are more like a conduit, a gateway to Guides and Archetypal Beings that reside in the realms beyond this reality. VERY often in my life when I felt lost or confused, when I had no idea how to move through a situation or a certain way of being, or when I did not feel I had a place to go for support, I consulted the cards for wisdom and insight. In all that time the messages have never been something that I did not need to hear. There is ALWAYS valuable insight.

Tarot Readings with Sage are not about sitting at the table and “telling you your future” or telling you whether “you will meet that love of your life.”

What Sage does is read the cards with you.

We begin with a meditative journey in order to establish from a deeper place which spread,  questions or insights are in your highest interest to know or understand. It is then we do the reading. We consult the cards and seek the wisdom of those who reside beyond this physical world.

Our guides, allies, and all archetypal beings are ALWAYS there to support and help us. We just need to invite them in, open ourselves to their wisdom, let go of our ego and TRUST there is wisdom WAY beyond our reality and our perceptions. The cards are the gateway to these realms.

When we do step forward and take that leap we can then step into our lives from a place of deeper consciousness and awareness. We are able to see our situation and our choices from a perspective way beyond the limited ego and live our lives fully and completely. A life lived from the place of Spirit.


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Hekate’s Crossroads

Newly birthed in September of 2018 Hekates Crossroads is an aspect of Incandescence where Sage walks you out of the world of unconsciousness and forgetting, into a world where you remember the gifts within - the gifts that many of us have forgotten many, many MANY years ago. Hekate has come forth because in order for us to come to this place of remembering we must enter the darkness….we must have the courage to traverse the underworld, connect with our ancestors, talk with the Spirits and meet that which keeps us in a place of forgetting. Venturing into Hekate’s Cave is a journey of becoming.

Welcome to the Goddess. Welcome to your connection with All That Is. It is not an easy path, but it is a reunion with your truth. A chance to be born anew. Stronger, wiser and more certain of your magick than ever before.

Sage’s work is to bring the Divine Feminine, the Ancient Mysteries back into this time, into this patriarchal world of separateness and power over. The Goddess is making Her return. Her consort the God is also returning. We must remember Each within us to truly reclaim the power within us, to truly be who we have come to be - in this lifetime, on this planet. She needs us. The Earth needs us. We are urged to follow Hekate into this time, to explore our depths, delve into Her Mysteries and once again be reborn.

The task we must take on is to re-educate ourselves of the old ways, to heal that which has been greatly wounded AND reclaim those powers that have lain dormant, those that have remained hidden underground. Sage’s work is to bring forward the teachings to those who have felt the call. This begins with the first program of Beyond the Veil, as well as, Priestessing ritual & ceremony. Sage will guide you through the darkness, acting as a midwife of your Soul - holding you through the process.


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Vibrational Healing

Through Vibrational Healing, Sage will work with you to bring vibrational frequencies into harmonic alignment. To do this, she will employ an array of vibratory tools; including light, color, sound, crystals and subtle aromatherapy. The modality is chosen by which is most aligned with your being.

Therapies could include Bone Toning (using tuning forks), Body Mapping, Chakra re-balancing, releasing, or shifting cords of energy that are attached between you and another. Sage integrates any combination of energy healing modalities that Spirit guides her to use. The intent is always to clear out the dark stagnant, dense energies and bring in the Light, to assist you in the best possible way to come back to your wholly, integrated, true Self.