As the Wheel Turns

As the Wheel Turns


The last day of 2018.

What a frickin’ wild year.

In thinking about it I can almost not believe how many changes can occur over the period of one year. I’m guessing its the culmination of all the work I did before to get here - plus of course all that wild planetary activity that went on….

I gotta admit this “new year” is kind of a continuance of whats already started on the Winter Solstice for me as that to me is really the beginning of the new Wheel for me - yet, I am definitely part of the collective so how can I not recognize this as a beginning too?!

Interesting though....The first part of my Wheel was in such silence and solitude - first because I plugged out from all technology over the holidays and then my girls got really sick and now my body has been sitting on the edge - does my body submit to the illness or turn back to optimal health?

Well, I think we've got this one... I am definitely going in to this next cycle learning/experiencing even more about the incredible healing nature of herbs and crystals. (I love how the learning just never stops) I've always used the herbs but funnily enough it never occurred to me to use the crystals for physical healing. I've always used them for emotional and mental but NEVER physical could I have NOT thought of that!! 😮 So funny how something is right in front of us and we don't see it.

The silence and alone time also gave me some incredible insights. First off about how blessed I’ve been to have made so many new friends and connections - to become part of such loving communities - where we are all supporting each other in our growth and evolution. I would have NEVER seen this for myself. I always thought I was a true introvert who never really liked being around humans at all.

Well, thank Goddess that has been proven to be only a small segment of myself. Thank Goddess I have been able to move beyond that place of isolation and solitary to become part of a wider collective energy. There’s SO MUCH more power and love in that!! I’ve met and made connections with SO MANY beautiful people. ❤️🙏💖

AND..I am truly looking forward to expanding Hekate’s Crossroads and building our community, bringing in more classes, workshops and events and becoming even more involved with Mystic Mojo….AND meeting even more beautiful people!! 😅🥰

SO much is unfolding for 2019!!

Here are some of the things that will be emerging over the year…

Spellcasting starting in February/Imbolc - on the night before the New Moon AND the Full Moon (which is still funny to me because it came through at warp speed and I was posting it before I even really grounded the reality of what I was doing lol…definitely came from somewhere beyond me!!)

Full Moon Chanting Jams So excited to be working with Kathy HInd as she brings in her musical abilities and leads us in some awesome chanting/drumming circles every Full Moon.

Beyond the Veil is continuing and in the Fall will be offered EVERY week…..Always open for drop in OR attend one path if that calls you…

Sabbat Rituals and Ceremony every cross quarter and quarter - going to stay right in sync with that turnign of the Wheel

And in the Fall my intention is (and much work is being done) to have my new Tarot and Astrology course up and running - weaving Tarot, Astrology and Numerology together while walking through the entire Wheel. So excited for this one.

And of course keep tuned in for all the pop up events and events with Mystic Mojo… as well as promotional deals as the year progresses.

New Moon Ceremonies, Tarot Readings, Healings & Intuitive Guidance are still here for you….all you need to do is connect….you can always check out one of our ceremonies or come in for a free consultations if you’re not sure.

Keep in touch for full details - Facebook page URL is IncandescenceHealing….

May the Goddess …and god…and ALL that is be with you!! 🌀🌈🔥🌊💨🌑🌕

Infinite Dreams & Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Dreams & Infinite Possibilities