Infinite Dreams & Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Dreams & Infinite Possibilities

I feel like I am at the strangest place in the world right now. Like I’m in a dream. It’s like everything I ever dreamed of is beginning to manifest and at the same time my old self is feeling completely discombobulated by it all.

It’s such a strange feeling. I had ALWAYS lived a life of struggle and scarcity. I mean really, I was even living in survival mode when I was a child, let alone once I left home at age 15….and I’d say for the past 25 years I have been on this journey of healing and awakening and ALWAYS held faith that following my heart, my instinct, choosing the divine feminine would someday result in me living a life that was happy and prosperous. Trust me, there were MANY times where I also wondered if it EVER was going to actually be true, that perhaps i was lying to myself and really my whole life was going to be about suffering, sadness, pain - survival.....always pushing myself to move past all the abuse, addictions and mental health issues…..

And here I am. Steadily experiencing the blossoming of my business, the work I always dreamed of doing, I’m opening myself to a whole different level of relationship with what Love truly is about, I’m talking to angels, spirit guides ( and even dragons!) and I'm finally owning the truth of my gifts as a teacher, healer and guide....and even owning my psychic abilities. I’m seeing the concrete possibility of moving from this small apartment to an actual home AND I’m standing at the edge of putting some money down for a trip to Peru (I have never "really" traveled anywhere in my life as I was ALWAYS healing, surviving, taking care of my girls)

My old self is having a little bit of a hard time believing that we are transcending to this whole other life, this whole other way of being, of believing this is even possible. She is resisting, telling me things to convince me it can’t possibly work, her heart is fluttering like a delicate bird and she is feeling so soft and vulnerable.

And I can honestly say it is truly a beautiful feeling!

I would have NEVER said this before. Never. I always felt it as a threat, a sign of panic and anxiety. I was always so afraid of this soft, vulnerability…..yet now, I seem to have changed so much, moved so far out of that old comfortable nest that I truly am ready to fly. That old part of me is just going to have to let go of resistance, of her grasp to the old comfortable way of being and open her wings and fly….Because it’s already happening!

We ARE already flying!

I truly hope that anyone who has felt this way, who may have difficulty believing things can be different, who have a hard time believing there is another way of being - can see the possibility once reading these words….please keep going, keep believing.

It is SO worth the journey.

And remember...

I'm here for ya if need be 💖

The Sacred Union - Within & Without

The Sacred Union - Within & Without