Weaving the Ribbon


I'm a little behind with taking the time to step back and reflect on this time of year, however, this morning I was gifted with the time to do just that. 

I'm actually very grateful to my daughter for choosing to bus and walk in the rain this morning to provide me the space to 'be' and really take inventory of my self and my life right now. I actually try my best to make a point at doing this every turn of the wheel - Lunar cycles, Astrological turns and Sabbats - they ALWAYS feel so significant and empowering.

As I am not able to actually get to a Beltane celebration this year (which I must say are FABULOUS if you can get yourself to one) I decided I would weave the ribbons, so to speak, through the Tarot - do a reading that provides me with deeper insight into how I am honouring the sacred union of the God and Goddess. That is after all what its all about right now.

Beltane ushers in the light half of the year where the earth is at its most green, tender and beautiful time. It's actually considered to be the most erotic of all the Sabbats. The joining of the masculine and feminine energies to create new life. Fertility, folks. All about fertility!

As my schedule is so busy with actually creating all the new in my life I decided to sneak in some time and look at how I might be doing this in all the aspects of my life.

What am I doing to honour this union in my work life? My home? My role as mother? Am in sync with the rhythm of Nature and allowing things to unfold in a way that is natural and organic? Are there things and ways of being I need to surrender and let go of to fully be in relationship? Am I taking the risks to "dance the dance" with fear and uncertainty in order to enter new worlds and new visions?

In order for new to enter, it must be conceived. To conceive there has to be a union. For there to be a union one must surrender totally to the Mother Vessel and fully embrace ALL of who we are. As we create stillness, reflect and communicate with Spirit we receive the guidance we need to see where we are from a much bigger perspective.

And lets not forget!....Now is the most erotic time of year so TREAT YOURSELF INDULGENTLY! Tap into the passion, the joy and tenderness of new life, new love. Feel that joy of infatuation when you just enter new relationship. Feel that joy of whatever it is that is coming together and beginning to blossom - be it you, partners, work, gardens, career - whatever. Trust if you are doing the work and following the flow - it is coming together and new things are always being born.

Weave that ribbon and tie in the fertility of the coming year!

(If interested in a Beltane reading please feel free to contact me and we can look together in greater depth where you are in the Wheel, how you can feel that sensual energy of union between the male and female energies and conceive the world you desire...AND if you need some re-balancing or clearing out of some stagnant old energy there are lots of ways to do that too!)

Beltane blessings everyone!

Gentle Force

Cherished Body: Honouring the Body as a Sacred Temple