Owning My Power

It’s been one whole week since I left my love, Ms. Coffee.

The lessons and teachings I had to go through to get here were actually quite incredible…. and painful - all at the same time. There’s a story behind this that pertains very much to energy healing and that is why I post it here.

You see, I have had some major digestive issues arise in the past 6 months. Initially I thought ‘it’s just gluten, I already know that. I guess it’s time to quit.” So, I quit gluten. The pain continued to happen. I am a vegan so generally I have a pretty good diet as it is, but now I was beginning to get concerned. I tried to eat beans, chickpeas and lentils, kale and cabbage. Drink the smoothies at my job. They were ALL out of the picture. It began to feel like everything I put in my mouth brought about pain, pain and more pain. My sensitivities were getting so numerous I actually started thinking I might have to turn into a breatharian.

The willingness to let go of certain foods started to become a real concern. Maybe there was something seriously wrong with me? Maybe I had developed some chronic digestive problems? I began the process of going for all the tests to determine if something was in fact wrong.

I would like to note that through all this I was still drinking coffee. You see, throughout my lifetime I have had a very addictive personality - especially to alcohol, marijuana, bread (especially pb and jam!) and coffee (not to mention all the non-food ways of denial and repression which I am sure I will share another day).

I was mad at life and came at it with a toddlers stubborn energy, “I am not going to quit coffee! It's my last addiction and I LOVE my coffee!”

Well that was soon to change.

I’m going to digress for a moment.

Currently I am enhancing my ability as an Intuitive/Energy healer by going to school at Transformational Arts College in Toronto. Just over a week ago we were in our Advanced Chakra class and were once again practicing different exercises to heal and balance our chakras. On this particular day we were shifting the cords of energy that connected us with significant others whom we felt were having a negative impact in our life or we felt needed to change.  

I had no idea what I was in for. Initially I thought maybe I needed to do some work around my relationship with the woman who took on the role of becoming my mother at age 11, or maybe it was just to shift my relationship with my girls to a new level. We were not in a negative place, however, I felt I needed to do some letting go and perhaps shifting the cord would help with this.

As my classmate walked me through it I kept shifting and moving my intention. Nothing felt like the connection that needed to shift. Nothing felt grounded enough to shift. Then it happened. I was focusing my energy on my solar plexus and I immediately felt this tight, twisted, incredibly strong rope binding me to the solar plexus of my father. I had no idea. Never did it ever occur to me that this was where our connection lay, and yet it made so much sense. No wonder the tension between us was so strong. It was a fight for power right to the core. I was not letting him take my power and he was not giving up. Even after he died the energy never really changed. I forgave him but I still felt conflict and resistance within me around owning and expressing my power. This was the cord I needed to shift.

I would also like to add that I have never really worked with the idea of shifting cords before. I have always done the work of cutting the cord with those who have been destructive and/or abusive in my life. Shifting and changing the cord itself was a whole new concept for me.

With support from my classmate I began to move the cord. Slowly, with deep focus and intention I began to move it. Where to was the question? My heart to his third eye? Or visa versa? What about heart to heart? This was the place. Slowly I felt the cord moving (I stress slowly because it was a pretty solid cord. This was YEARS of shaping and conditioning so it was not going to be easy). Eventually, all was connected from heart to heart and a mantra was formed to ground this shift in my physical reality.

I am free

I am me

I am loved


You are free

You are you

You are loved

I repeated it over and over.

It was done.

I was free.

I left that class that night feeling perfectly fine. By the time I walked to the Go train I felt a lump in my throat. By the time I arrived at my car at the Burlington Go-Station I didn’t think I could hold it in any longer. Sunglasses on and the spilling began as I drove home. I arrived home and cried like I had not cried in years.  

This is where it all connects to my digestive system and to coffee.

The next morning I woke up and that was it. I was done. No more coffee. I was going to consume only that which nourished my body and stop partaking of those things that lowered my vibration. No problem. It was honestly “a piece of cake”. That night I noticed I had no pain. Strange, that hadn’t happened in a long while. Then the next and the next and the next. I even tried to eat a few things I couldn’t before. Something had definitely shifted. My entire sytem felt lighter, freer and stronger. I didn’t even feel withdrawals from the coffee. Talking and sharing with people brought on new confidence and I began to share my self with others with increased confidence and pride. What had happened?

This was a week ago and I still have no desire for coffee. I'm going through with my tests just to make sure but I have NO DOUBT in my mind that when I shifted that cord with my father I shifted my whole reality.

My internal skeptic likes to tell me, “oh, it's just the coffee” but I know better. I can feel it.

I choose to trust my feelings.

I choose to trust my instincts.

Thats what its all about anyway isn't it?

Trusting our own instincts IS owning our power!

Feel free to connect if you would like to know more about shifting the energy of those relationships that no longer serve you.

With Love and Light,


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