Cherished Body: Honouring the Body as a Sacred Temple

Making the intention to do the Goddess Sisterhood Circle and committing to the process has set forth in action so much more than I realized.

Do you ever notice that when you commit to something Life immediately brings forth that which you intended? Or, in essence, that which you need to learn on the next step of your journey?

For me, doing the Circle opened the gateway to really be with my understanding of what my relationship to my body is. As the theme is Cherished Body: Honoring my body as a sacred temple, I have begun asking deep questions about what that relationship truly is.

"Relationship with my body" Does this mean "I" am separate from my body? Isn't that what they say? That our body is a vessel for our soul? And if so, then does that mean "I" am not my body?

This actually really threw me off. I decided to shift my question and ask, What if the "I" that I am IS my body? What if there were no separation and my Soul WAS my body? How would I interact and see the world differently? What if when viewing things or interactions I intentionally shifted my perspective from my mind to seeing how my body viewed the situation. Looked and heard, felt and experienced through my body.

Next thing I know, I am committing to a "31 day Revolution Yoga on You-Tube. (Yoga with Adriene) I am now on day 5.

It has been a long struggle to get to this place I am now. Even lately I didn't see how I was slipping back into not exercising and stretching my body in a way that she needs. I was focusing so much on my energetic body and my digestive system that I actually started neglecting my muscles and joints and all that which follows. When I started yoga again I was shocked to discover that my body was in fact VERY stiff, sore and inflexible.

This is BIG for me. I have had a VERY long story with my body. Being brought up in a very strict and rigid christian home, the body was the thing to be ignored. After all, if ever I did anything "wrong" it was my body that suffered the consequences - the violation and the abuse. Dancing, touching, sensuality and pleasure were completely out of the picture. As a rebel of course I ventured there but then of course I was labelled as a "slut or a tramp". It was a no win situation.

My story continued of abusing my body - drugs, alcohol, coffee, major emotional eating with carbs and dense foods, and simply a denial of my body counting as anything worthy of respect, time and consideration. I lived for years with chronic pain, stiffness and inflammation. I even thought at some point I might be developing Fibromyalgia. 

For years I walked this walk.

I am now beginning to become intimately connected and respectful "towards" my body. Again, words that speak as if I am separate from "it".

It: Defined as "A material object without life or consciousness; an inanimate object."

How often we use that word!!

We ARE our body. The body is our Earth. We are Earth as much as we are Fire (our passions, desires, creativity..) as we are Water (our emotional, intuitive self) and Air (our mind) AND Spirit. We are ALL the Elements. The body is not a separate place for the Soul. The body is part of the larger galaxy of ALL that we are...which is part of the larger galaxy.....which is part of an even larger galaxy.....

And this, all from making a commitment and setting an intention to do this Goddess Sisterhood Circle. Cracks and fissures are opening. Light is being shone on places that have not seen the sun in a long time - or ever really. Has not been easy these couple weeks, for out of the shadows comes energies that have been wound up tightly in the muscles and the joints.

I invite you to ask yourself. How are the other aspects of yourself dancing with the body? Are they in harmony? Is the language there for you to be present in your life from the place of your body? Do you know what is within the deep caverns of your body beneath all your skin?

You are welcome to join our Circle as we explore this even more.

May you shine Love and Light upon ALL that you are <3



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