The Definition of Magic, as written in Starhawk's book “Truth or Dare”, says this:

"Magic is a word that can be defined in many ways. A saying attributed to Dion Fortune is “Magick is the art of changing consciousness at will” Today I will name it this: “the art of  liberation, the act that releases the mysteries, that ruptures the fabric of our beliefs and lets us look into the heart of deep space where dwell the immeasurable, life-generating powers”  (Starhawk in Truth or Dare p. 6)

When I initially read Starhawk’s definition of magic, it brought me to Don Miguel Ruiz’s book “The Four Agreements” when he spoke of something called the “outside dream”

SO many of us have... forgotten. We have forgotten our own personal dream, we have forgotten magic and we have forgotten who we are and why we are here. We have taken on an outside dream from our society that is not our own. We have forgotten the true nature of our being and simply see ourselves as humans who are at the whim of society, at the whim of capitalism, a people who do not see a way to live beyond this 3D paradigm. We think we have limited capabilities and believe we are only capable of so much. We believe magic is for fairy tales and fantasies.

In modern culture, there has been an obvious surge of practices emerging that begin to assist us with breaking out of the old 3D paradigm and help us to see beyond just the physical - meditation, mindfulness practices, yoga, new age teachings of manifestation and the power of our thinking, to name a few. What I have found, however, is that there is still an aspect of spirituality that is missing in so many ways….that is found in the teachings of the Goddess and of the Divine Feminine.  These teachings show us a way that connects and aligns us to the cycles of the seasons, the elements, the earth, to the ways of the witches and shamans and medicine women, and ways we can integrate these aspects into our everyday, ordinary life and give us the power to walk our sacred walk in unity with the Divine.

An essential part that is instrumental for us to remember is how we are all connected  - to each other, the earth and ALL beings, beings not only from this realm but beings and energies from realms and dimensions WAY beyond ourselves. This is a gradual process, a process of dis-membering and then re-membering ourselves and doing this over and over again….and then returning to Self. Spiralling in and out, life, death and rebirth over and over again. It is then that we learn that magic is not a fantasy but actually a truth about who we naturally are - a truth that was there before we were conditioned to believe differently. It is then we begin to own who we are and we take on the essence of our Self as divine and powerful beyond anything we have ever known before. It is then that we get to live the Life that we truly want to live, to create change in a way that is bigger than we ever imagined.


This is why I teach this program. This is why I walk this path of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine. This is why I choose to believe in and live the magick.


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This Program is being offered at Mystic Mojo - 108 Queenston RD. Hamilton, ON.

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        This course has been modelled using a structure that has been used at many WitchCamps within the Reclaiming Tradition. It is a course woven from the strands of many teachings and books by Starhawk and Thorn Coyle, with a little weaving of my own experiences as well. It is, in a sense the many diverse ingredients within a cauldron needed to practice magick.

The cauldron is not only a tool for magick, but a symbol of the Great Goddess of life, death and rebirth.

Each Path is a leg of the cauldron, creating a Sacred container for our work and uniting us with the Divine energy of the Goddess Herself.



each class is offered on TWO separate days of the week as to increase accessibility and create a flexible schedule that works for the individual taking the course.

The first listed dates will take place on Monday Evenings, 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

The second LISTED dates are on Saturday Mornings, 10:00am to 12:00pm. 


CLASS SCHEDULE for the Elements Path:

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CLASS SCHEDULE for the Inner Path:


CLASS SCHEDULE for the Outer Path:

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This year’s Path is a beginner path. It is  essential in deepening the magic and progressing to the intermediate & advanced levels. 

There will be Deepening Practices in between classes and a Facebook group for discussion, sharing & questions. Individual support via email/messaging. If you wish to go deeper, intensive one-on-one healing/guidance available for discounted price.


Complete this year and move into Intermediate classes the following year!….Take the Magic to the next level and create the changes you REALLY dream about in your life AND the world!