Sage Ravenstar

For many years,  Sage persevered through a personal journey; coming face to face with pain from the past and being forced to let go of the addictive, destructive patterns that had driven the relationships she had, both with herself and others. It led her to gather the courage to be present with ALL that rose - the darkness and the light. Walking through this journey has shown her an incredible world of magic and has given her the power to heal her energy bodies and reach a state where she feels free to wholly and completely BE herself. She has now integrated all aspects of her being into One and has created a strong foundation in all worlds— physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as creating intimate connections with the metaphysical world. She has become ready to show ALL of who she is to the world and assist others with being here too.

While maintaining a prior career as a social worker and crisis worker for over 20 years, Sage developed intuitive and healing abilities through practices like, but not limited to, Shamanic healing, Vibrational & Energetic healing, Meditation, Divination (especially Tarot), Astrology, Numerology, Crystal Work, Herbalism, Nutrition, and Flower essences. She has been deeply involved in the Goddess tradition for over 25 years while also following the principles of Native spirituality and Taoism. These experiences have all played tremendous roles in assisting Sage to evolve and be who she is today.

Sage has done her work (and is always continuing to do her work!) and now, she is ready and able to assist you with doing yours.

In choosing to work with Sage you choose to illuminate and heal new dimensions of yourself.

Welcome to the Magic of being YOU.


The Guide

Incandescence Healing


The Vision

 The gift of intuition— the option to better understand the world around you and how you uniquely fit into it —is always available despite what is occurring within your life path or within earthly changes underway.

As an intuitive and channel with more than twenty years of experience, Sage is able to work with Spirit and a diverse team of non-physical guides to assist with us returning to a place of interconnectedness with all of Life. 

Integration and balance can occur both at an individual and collective level, if only we are able to surrender to Life Herself and move with Her Cycles. When we let go of control and no longer separate ourselves from Nature, harmony and love will naturally follow. 

As our world changes and higher dimensions become more visible and available, connecting to and understanding how energy, manifestation, and universal law work hand-in-hand with all of the elements and beings around us (and within us) we receive the keys to having sustained peace and amazing adventures in the world.

Sage not only offers one-on-on healing sessions but holds various events and has recently developed introductory classes and long-term courses.